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About Us

AUSSINDO JAYA MEGAH is a company engaged in the field of Financial Technologies focusing as money transfer operators, established on June 6, 2016 in Indonesia. Aussindo provide innovative solutions to build a cashless society.

As the money transfer operator, Aussindo presents the platform for offsore electronic wallet collaborating with us to pay to local merchants using the local electronic wallet (EDC machine), so that the local electronic wallet receive benefit of accepting payment from international transactions. In addition, the local electronic wallet is able to pay foreign merchants and electronic wallets who work with us.

We also serve those living in rural areas by giving the best solution in money transfer. Meanwhile people in urban areas can also transfer their money easily to remote areas. In Indonesia, there are many who do not have a bank account, notably the local citizens living in rural areas, who believed opening a new bank account is difficult to do for various reasons. We want to change the way people send money from something complex into simpler way.

Aussindo, partnering with banks in Indonesia and international banks, cooperates with the electronic wallet in Indonesia and offsore to provide safe, convenient, and affordable money transfer. By using the latest technology and safety system, we always strive to provide the best service to our clients.

Our vision

Provide innovative solutions to build a Cashless Society

Our mission

Deliver the most convenient, affordable transfer money and secure international service.

Are you looking for the best service for your money transfer needs?

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