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We Provide
Innovative Solutions
To Build A
Cashless Society

Our Product :

BALANCE is the fast, simple way to do remittance in the app and on the website.  

No matter where you are or when you want to, BALANCE is here to help you transfer your money. With a low cost, fast transfer and currency exchange method, and reliable security to protect your payment information, BALANCE offers an easy way to transfer money in one convenient app. Have a safer and easier money transfer experience by simply using phone number, QR code, or e-mail address. BALANCE is the best solution for your international money transfer needs.

Make it easy to Send The Money


Sending immediately, the urgent situation is not a problem anymore. 


We use the Encryption-Level Data and the latest security technology .


Remittances can be done  anytime and anywhere


  • Send money through easy steps
    BALANCE users can easily use different methods to choose for money transfer : phone number, QR Code, or e-mail address. To simplify transaction, BALANCE comes with a feature using your favourite social media app with secure link.

  • Transfer to Bank
    BALANCE also gives you the freedom to transfer funds directly to national and international accounts.

  • Currency Conversion
    With BALANCE, you can simply convert the available balance from one currency to another without complicated process.

An easier way 
to transfer money.



A better solution to exchange currency.


Easly accessible
and safe.



A reliable app for
cashless society.


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